Dark Hollow Falls
Two Entrance Options Between Mile 49-51 Skyline Drive
Shenandoah, VA 22849
(540) 999-3500

Latitude: 38.518801
Longitude: -78.423464
(Note: Pin point is the main falls)





Dark Hollow Falls, like many of the waterfalls in Shenandoah National Park can be accessed right in the center of the park via a trail off Skyline Drive. Unlike the more frequented falls of the Whiteoak Canyon Trail or the Cedar Run Falls, Dark Hollow has the great benefit of being much easier to access if you come from the correct trail.

There are actually two directions from which you can access the main Dark Hollow Falls; either starting from the main Dark Hollow Trail parking lot at mile 50.7, or coming from below the falls via Rose River Fire Trail. If you don’t mind a little more distance, we recommend approaching from below (parking at the Fishers Gap Overlook at mile 49.2).

While the Dark Hollow Falls Trail is not too tough and is short, using the Rose River Fire Road is practically flat. Using the lower route also means options to also go downstream, or even visit the Rose River Falls. In fact, it’s worth mentioning we got to Dark Hollow Falls completely by mistake. We were actually trying to get to Rose River Falls on this particular day, but missed a turn. This is why you hear us call it “Rose River Waterfall” in the videos.

Approaching from the bottom, the starting falls (where Rose River Fire Road crosses the water via bridge) has some good shots for photography. Then you can access the Dark Hollow Falls Trail on the right side facing the falls. This trail is a small set of switchbacks, requiring a little more moderate hiking, but it’s well worth it as each switchback provides view of a different part/set of falls.  

The second reason we highly recommend accessing the Dark Hollow Falls starting from the bottom is all abo ut aesthetics. If you think the lower falls next to the fire road are already pretty, the higher you climb only means they get more beautiful, unique to downright gorgeous at the top main falls. While all the parts of Dark Hollow Falls are worth seeing, we just prefer to not begin with the grand finale.

Starting from above or below is totally up to you; if you want to do a little more you can do the entire Rose River Loop Trail which includes the Rose River Falls. In all, the loop is roughly 4 miles.

Regardless of your direction preference or interest in the extra-curriculars, make sure you see Dark Hollow Falls, they worth seeing, especially as they are by far the easiest accessed falls in the park… so easy that we got there by accident.